Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 12/11/14

Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 12/11/14

It has become apparent that a renewed and determined campaign is presently being conducted against Republican Political Prisoners and their families.

This pernicious policy encompasses all interactions with gaol staff, whether on the wing or in our cells. It impacts every aspect of our daily lives. Recently, this has been extended to include our families entering through the search area to visit us. Passive “Drug dogs” are once again being used to cancel visits, with some families having travelled long distances.

Only this week, and not for the first time, a family was verbally abused by a dog handler who stated that the dog was “Better looked after than your kids!” That the families are abused in this manner is utterly contemptible and unjustifiable, especially when it happens within earshot of young children.

RPP’s (Republican Political Prisoners) have highlighted past and present attempts to thwart the efforts of ourselves and others to resolve unwarranted and contentious issues within the gaol. Because of this, certain Security Governors – Along with ex UDR member and Maghaberry POA Paul Hardy – have been instructing all staff to claim that they have been intimidated by RPP’s.

This is calculated to halt any prospect for progress. The soon to be released “stock-take” is a case in point which has been used to “stir the pot”. DUP members are central to these attempts to ferment instability; The Justice committee chairman Paul Givan-whose father worked in our wing- has personally proceeded to undermine all efforts to build a progressive regime which would benefit all prisoners.

All of our endeavours to resolve issues of contention have been continually and deceitfully frustrated, and, at times, sabotaged. Those enabling all of this are senior and ‘ordinary’ members of the Maghaberry Gaol Administration. However, other more sinister forces in ‘British National Security’ are the instigators of this as part of their ‘war’ against Republicans inside and outside of the gaols.

Members of the DUP such as Paul Givan, Maurice Morrow and Peter Weir have used their political positions in Stormont to malignantly influence David Ford and Sue McAllister. Although some of this is being done publicly on the Stormont Assembly floor, there can be little doubt of the more “private” pressure being brought to bear.
The Prisoner Ombudsman has been consistently provided with evidence that exposes the deceitfulness of the gaol administration. Governors prefer to brief the media rather than dialogue with ourselves.

They decline to hold staff to account when that same staff refuse to operate new arrangements, such as on September 1st 2014. When we challenge obstructive individuals-Security Governors “circle the wagons” and order staff to say they’re being intimidated and feel under threat.

We know that there are gaol staff who see us not as prisoners but as their enemies-Political or otherwise. We know some of them relish the opportunity to attack us for perceived ‘injustices’ during the days of the H-Blocks. They have regularly shown their detestation of us. This has manifested itself both physically and psychologically.

They have isolated and degraded Republican Political Prisoners to facilitate recruitment attempts by MI5. One RPP has been in isolation for 4 years; another has recently been put in the same position under the guise of “National Security”. Those in power know what is occurring in Maghaberry gaol. We, the RPP’s have scratched the surface and exposed a small portion of it for all to see. Maghaberry gaol administration, Stormont regime and those on the “Dark Side”, directed by MI5, are allowed to turn their own so-called justice system on its head to attack us.

None of this will change the facts: We are Irish Republican Political Prisoners and we are not going away. The issues within this gaol need resolved. It should be done sooner rather than later. We will not be criminalised. Neither will we allow our families or ourselves to be abused.

Signed: Republican Political Prisoners – Maghaberry

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