Abuse of Republican Prisoner’s Family 23/10/15

Abuse of Republican Prisoner’s Family 23/10/15

valtrex generic cost determine On Wednesday 21st October 2015, the daughter and grandchildren of a Republican Prisoner were leaving the Maghaberry visits area when it was noticed that every visitor except them were having their “visitor’s slips”, which contains their photograph and personal details, returned by the guard, as is policy.

map http://www.thedannyneal.com/78248-elocon-ointment-uk.html The visitor began to question why her slip had not been returned. The female guard in question, who was wearing a poppy, contrary to the prison regulations and has been noted on a number of occasions for her belligerence and ignorance toward Republican Prisoners families, aggressively stated that the slip was not being returned. When this was challenged by the girl and her brother, who had been present on a separate visit, the guard told her “you won’t be back here” and hit an emergency alarm. The notorious Jail Riot Squad arrived followed by a day Governor leaving the young grandson terrified and crying.

https://andressadelamuta.com.br/39444-levaquin-price.html Other visitors offered to take the child out of the situation but the Jail staff responded by locking the turnstile and door; thus trapping the child in a highly charged situation. This is no surprise given that they were engaged in abusive behaviour followed by attempts to cover their tracks. Such bigotry and abuse has been noticeably on the rise of late.

Today the Republican Prisoner in question was asked by Jail Staff to write an impact statement because the Jail intends to bar the Republican Prisoner’s daughter and his son. This is to justify the abusive behaviour of Jail Staff and undermine a current complaint to the Prison and the Prisoner Ombudsman in relation to the incident. 

Republican Prisoners have made it clear, on a number of occasions, including when attempts were made to change visiting arrangements, that we will not tolerate any form of harassment or intimidation being perpetuated against our families.

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