Call For Mobilisation Following The Latest Attacks On Prisoners

Call For Mobilisation Following The Latest Attacks On Prisoners

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association call for a mobilisation from within our communities to highlight the ongoing torture of Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry following the most recent attacks on prisoners.

Recently, with the help of others, we have successfully elevated the ongoing issues in Maghaberry onto the public arena. The response from the British state was to launch a coordinated counter attack with the paramilitary militia of the RUC/PSNI spear -heading the assault.

Assisting this latest attack was a range of forces; from the mobilisation of loyalism, to the statements emanating from the British Secretary of State and NIO as well as those emanating from its administrators in Stormont from both the Unionist and constitutional Nationalist camp, right through to an aggressive Pro -British media campaign.

Despite this coordinated assault, IRPWA activists and spokespersons were up to the challenge. Refusing to be side tracked and forced to take up a defensive position the IRPWA along with other Republicans and supporters of prisoners’ rights challenged this British orchestrated narrative in both the media and on the ground from within our communities.

Such activities and initiatives need to continue a pace. Engagement with our communities, in order to enlist their active support for Republican Prisoners, should be one of the tasks where we need to redouble our efforts.

Republican Political Prisoners are engaged in a jail struggle against the British Governments attempts to break them. Just as in the past the prisons have become one of the battlefields chosen by them to try and defeat Republican resistance. Republican Prisoners are confident of their victory in the battle that lies ahead, we on the outside need to be equally as confident and need to shoulder some of the burden currently carried by the prisoners.

The IRPWA over the coming weeks will be organising various events, protests and pickets throughout the country in response to the latest attacks by the jail riot squad on Republican Political Prisoners, Conal Corbett and Nathan Hastings and the ongoing torture inflicted on all Republican Prisoners.

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