Dee Fennell Refused Bail

Dee Fennell Refused Bail

IRPWA activist Dee Fennell has been refused bail in Craigavon court. Dee, who is currently on the Republican wing in Maghaberry, intends to challenge this decision to deny him of his liberty. The IRPWA continue to offer our support to Dee and his family. Following today’s decision, IRPWA spokesperson Mandy Duffy commented on this latest development:

“Once again we have witnessed the full force of the British judicial system utilised against an Irish citizen. Historically, British courts have been utilised to deny Irish people, and in particular Irish Republicans, their Rights and their Freedom. Today is no different, as we observed an all too willing so called judicial system pander to the wishes of the British Government and its security agencies.”

“Let us be clear. This is Internment, regardless of how they might try to disguise it. Dee Fennell has been interned because he is a dedicated Irish Republican activist who dared to challenge the false narrative, carefully fostered by the British Government and its willing Irish natives, that exists in Ireland today.”

“They have attempted to silence and suppress a genuine Republican narrative by the use of its draconian state apparatus. This is nothing new to Republicans. They will fail.”

“The IRPWA call on all Republicans, at home and abroad, to challenge this outworking of Britain’s strategy in Ireland. Let us organise to end the British internment of Irish Republicans”

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