Friends of the IRPWA Scotland

Friends of the IRPWA Scotland accomplish The IRPWA would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome the formation of Friends of the IRPWA, Scotland.

Over the past number of years we have seen our Scottish activists working tirelessly in promoting the prisoners message via the distribution of Scairt Amach, attending our rallies and functions and assisting with fundraising for our prisoners, their families and dependents.

Due to this commitment, the Prisoner Department asked one of its members to assess the potential of developing a formal structure throughout Scotland. After a four month assessment period, it was clearly identified that there was indeed a need for positive development. During this time there was also an informal tie-in with the IRPWA which had resulted in a level of commitment and dedication to working alongside and under the guidance of the IRPWA.

 It was also clear that Scottish activists had a fantastic enthusiasm for assisting us in our objectives and that this required a formal channel to let this work continue to flourish.

To this end, in conjunction with our Scottish activists, a robust structure has been formulated which is currently being rolled out throughout Scotland.

Throughout this process, there were a small number of activists from various cities and towns across Scotland in direct contact with the Prisoner Department on a regular basis, with the last meeting two weeks ago achieving a positive conclusion in which the Friends of the IRPWA Scotland was granted formal affiliation to the IRPWA.

We would encourage all who are interested in assisting the IRPWA in the work that is being done to highlight issues such as internment by remand, forced strip searches, forced isolation and controlled movement and to raise finance to alleviate the financial burden on Irish Republican Political Prisoners, their families and dependents to use the contact details below.

The Friends of the IRPWA Scotland can be contacted via, where your enquiry will be forwarded on to them.

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