Internment by Remand

Internment by Remand

The IRPWA totally condemn the recent charging and incarceration of IRPWA activist Dee Fennell and offer our full support to Dee and his family. We view these spurious charges levelled at Dee, under the auspices of draconian “terrorism” legislation, as a continuance of the British policy of Internment, albeit in a more subtle form.

Internment in the Six Counties is not a legacy issue confined to the 1970s and 80s. In its current form it takes the guise of what we as Republicans describe as Internment by remand. Dee himself clearly recognised this and was to the fore in highlighting such abuses, as an IRPWA activist and through the successful and vastly supported Anti-Internment League’s campaign; a fact which has not gone unnoticed by the British and its agencies in their haste to silence him.

More and more Republicans in recent years have been arrested and held in British gaols for lengthy periods, some for 3-4 years, before being eventually acquitted of any wrong doing. Those who have been fortunate to be released on bail find themselves on the receiving end of further draconian measures designed to isolate them and curb their political activism.

The IRPWA call on all Republicans to join with us in continuing to expose the use of Internment in the Six Counties. Let us organise in our opposition to this current British policy and by doing so we will ensure that part of Britain’s strategy in Ireland will not go unchallenged.

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