IRPWA Calls For Support For Republican Prisoner’ Solidarity Camp 27/08/15

IRPWA Calls For Support For Republican Prisoner’ Solidarity Camp 27/08/15

The IRPWA are pleased to acknowledge receipt of the Anti Internment League’s official invitation to join with them and others at the 24 hour Republican Prisoner Solidarity Camp at the old Andersonstown Barracks site on Friday 28th August, beginning at 6pm.

The IRPWA representatives on the Anti Internment League have been working diligently along side others to ensure the success of the event.

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association as an organisation will be participating to its fullest throughout the duration of this event and call for all our activists and supporters to attend.

We also welcome the opportunity the event offers, to engage with all activists and supporters of Republican Prisoners and indeed the wider community of West Belfast.

The following are the most recent statements from the Anti Internment League:

Anti Internment League Statement

The Anti Internment League would like to remind everyone that our 24 hour Republican Prisoner Solidarity Camp will be taking place at the Andersonstown Barracks site this Friday 28th August, beginning at 6pm.

We are pleased to say that all Republican groups and welfare organisations recieved their official invites at the same time today, and we take this opportunity to again state that any and all activists and supporters of Republican Political Prisoners are welcome.

We would encourage as many people as possible to bring tents, chairs and other camping equipment, as well as musical instruments. No one with alcohol, or under the influence of alcohol, will be permitted at the Camp site.

There will be an hour long whiteline picket at 7pm on Friday evening, followed by a prominent speaker with experience of Prisoner Campaigns at 8pm. We will then have a short piece of open air drama focussing on the conditions that Republican Prisoners endure daily. Activists will then camp out overnight, before distributing information to the West Belfast community on Saturday afternoon.

Following on from recent events, the Anti Internment League hope to use this opportunity as a positive springboard from which to launch an increase in co-ordinated, collective campaigns against State Repression. Campaigns that can be contributed to by various Republicans, Socialists, Human Rights Advocates and Community Activists.

Anti Internment League Statement

Anti Internment League are pleased to announce that our Speaker on Friday Evening, following our Whiteline Picket at 7pm, will be lifelong Republican Francie McGuigan.

Francie comes from an Ardoyne family that has been involved in struggle for generations and he has been involved in republicanism since his teens. He was involved in organising the 50th anniversary Easter Rising Commemorations in Belfast in 1966, and is one of the group known as the Hooded Men. Following their arrest at the re-introduction of internment without trial in 1971, these men were systematically tortured by the British State, both physically and psychologically, with experimental methods that have since been copied by repressive State agencies and governments across the globe. He escaped from Long Kesh dressed as a priest following his imprisonment in the 1970s, and has remained an active and principled Republican right up to the present day, supporting various causes including campaigns for current Republican Prisoners.

Chair of proceedings will be Padraic Mc Coitir, another lifelong Republican and ex-POW. Padraic, his late father and several of his siblings were all incarcerated for their involvement in the Republican Freedom Struggle. He is a member of the Anti Internment League and currently is Chairperson of Eirigi in Belfast City.

The Prisoners Solidarity Camp starts at 6pm tomorrow (Friday) at the Andersonstown Barracks site, with Whiteline Picket at 7pm. This event is inclusive, like all AIL events, and everyone is welcome.

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