IRPWA DEMANDS END TO POLITICAL POLICING license On Thursday 5th May the 35th anniversary of the death of hunger striker Bobby Sands Republicans peacefully laid Republican Michael Barr to rest.

retin a cream canada photograph After the funeral the PSNI arrested 15 IRPWA activists and released 12 of them with no charge after being held for a number of hours.

levaquin cost еliminate Three of those arrested were charged and refused bail for the sole reason of that they were from the 26 counties.

Only a few short weeks after the Irish Government commemorated the 1916 rising we now have the situation were British courts in Ireland are locking up Irish citizens for no other reason that they live in the 26 counties.

The IRPWA calls on the Irish Government to lobby for their immediate release and to make sure those responsible for this blatant abuse of power are held accountable for their actions.

We take this opportunity to remind you of the protest that takes place outside of Leinster House today at 6pm and call for all Republicans to support.

We would also encourage everyone who is available tomorrow to attend the Belfast High courts at 9.30am and support the 3 men and their families.