Statement From Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 16/11/14

Statement From Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 16/11/14 Stock take Statement
Republican Political prisoners wish to outline our position on the recently publicised stocktake which was conducted by David Ford’s INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT TEAM. Although we have good reason to be sceptical, we are willing to give it a fair wind. The stocktake has the capacity to re-engage the implementation process of the August 2010 agreement. The reality is: this is the only viable option; it is the only show in town.
The Aug 2010 agreement represents the only route to a CONFLICT-FREE ENVIRONMENT within the jail. Despite the petty and vindictive attempts to immediately destabilise the relative calm on the Republican wing by Neanderthals, aided, abetted and encouraged by those with the strategic vision of a lemming, Republican Political Prisoners remain steadfast. The reality is that the August 2010 agreement offers victory to no one. It is a route to an environment which is conflict free and threatens no one. Those currently opposing the stocktake and principally the agreement have, over the past 4 years, shown themselves bankrupt of any realistic or positive proposals to resolve the issues surrounding the imprisonment of Republican Political Prisoners.
We have engaged with a variety of individuals and organisations including; Trade Unions, the SDLP, Sinn Féin, Leinster house politicians, the hierarchy of Ireland’s two main Churches, the CJINI, successive prisoner ombudsman and Anne Ower’s commissioners. Across the wider community and political spectrum there is an acceptance that a resolution is needed. That exists in the Aug 2010 agreement.
A resolution of all outstanding issues is within all of our grasps. This should not be held to ransom by the politically ambitious or reactionary elements who yearn for a time long past. We are in the 21st century; prison conditions should reflect that. Therefore Republican Political Prisoners in Roe House are in full favour of a conflict free environment.
Signed: Republican Political Prisoners, Roe House.


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