National Republican Commemoration Committee – Full Statement 25/11/15

National Republican Commemoration Committee –  Full Statement 25/11/15

National Republican Commemoration Committee

1916 – Statement of Intention – 2016

proscar cost correct As the Irish Nation approaches the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916, it is of the utmost importance that commemorations marking this historic landmark event highlight the principles and ideals contained within the proclamation of the Irish Republic.

offset buy differin gel The centenary should also serve as an opportunity for those who legitimately continue to struggle for Irish Freedom, by whatever means necessary, to re-dedicate ourselves to the ongoing fight to end the British occupation of our country and the establishment of a 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic.

crestor price With this in mind, revolutionary Republicans committed to resisting foreign imperialism and native capitalism have established the National Republican Commemoration Committee, made up of activists from across the country. Our intention is to commemorate with dignity and pride the fallen of 1916 and those from previous and subsequent generations who made the ultimate sacrifice for Irish Freedom.

The Ireland of today bears absolutely no resemblance to the vision that the men and women of 1916 cherished. While they obligated themselves to cherishing all the children of the nation equally; one hundred years on, our cities have the highest levels of child poverty in Europe. The gap between rich and poor has never been greater and two anti-Republic administrations oversee the implementation of austerity agendas that are directed by foreign capitalists. Successive regimes have consistently attacked the working class and unwaged. At the same time, toothless trade unions have abandoned Connolly and embraced capitulation to capitalism.

The Ireland of today is an Ireland divided; torn in two by those who abandoned the Republic proclaimed in 1916 and perpetuated by subsequent betrayals of the Socialist Republic by former comrades. Two illegitimate assemblies that uphold the undemocratic injustice of partition continue to suppress the sovereignty of the nation. It is shameful that parties claiming the legacy of Connolly, Pearse, Mellows, Carney and Sands have consented to a unionist veto over the reunification of our country.

The Ireland of today contains men and women imprisoned for their continued dedication to the ideals of the 1916 Proclamation and the establishment of a Socialist Republic. Those administering British rule on behalf of the same party that oversaw the deaths of the H-Block Martyrs claim that these Republican Prisoners are ‘traitors to Ireland’. The truth is that current Republican POWs have been incarcerated for asserting the Irish right to national freedom and sovereignty by arms – a fundamental right enshrined in the 1916 Proclamation. Continual attempts to criminalise our comrades have failed due to their collective resistance and continue to fail.

What all of the above and more serves to confirm; is that the Easter Rising of 1916 is an unfinished revolution, armed and otherwise. While we have listened to the opinions of those who state that the time is not right for a continuation of revolution by any and all means, it is our opinion that while the denial of national self-determination and British occupation continue, so too will armed revolution. Those who remain true to the ideals and principles of the 1916 Proclamation, need to publicly re-dedicate ourselves to the achievement of that vision.

Therefore, collectively and by politically organised and other means, the fight against occupation must continue. The fight against capitalism must continue. The fight within our communities against collaborators, conformists, criminals and corruption must continue.

Those of us who remain willing to fight for the Socialist Republic by all means should not permit those who have abandoned it to use the memory of fallen volunteers for their own political ends; especially when their current political objectives run contrary to the very values they purport to commemorate. ‘State-Run 1916 commemorations’ in either statelet are, by their very definition, contradictions in terms – given that both statelets are complicit in the suppression of the Irish Socialist Republic. Likewise, former comrades who now welcome the commander in chief of the British occupying forces to Ireland and endorse British law and state agencies in occupied Ireland, are also unworthy of any claim to the legacy of 1916.

The National Republican Commemoration Committee hereby invites all Revolutionary Socialist Republicans committed to the continuing fight for Irish Freedom to join with us to commemorate our martyred dead in Coalisland on Easter Sunday 2016. The historical significance and symbolism of gathering in Coalisland, where northern volunteers assembled in 1916, will not be lost on the Republican base. Our parade will provide an opportunity for all principled Republicans to collectively commemorate our fallen volunteers and demonstrate our continued dedication to the establishment of the Socialist Republic.

Beirigí bua agus ar aghaidh linn le chéile.

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