Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 19/11/14

Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 19/11/14 The stock take regarding the implementation of the August 2010 Agreement in Maghaberry Jail has already been sabotaged by Paul Givan and his cohorts in the DUP and the POA. It has been subverted through disingenuous and devious methods employed by the Jail administration. In essence they have ripped up the stock take document along with the August 2010 agreement.
Governor Thomas Ferguson has told Republican Political Prisoners that regardless of what David Ford says both landings will, from Monday 17th November 2014, be treated as 2 separate units. He also stated that there would be no opening of a grill separating both landings until violence in the streets stop.
The DUP and the POA have been opposed to every progressive recommendation and change within the Jail. Paul Givan has, on behalf of these organisations, opposed the Steele Report which was accepted by the British Government, CJINI, and HM inspectorate of prisons those who signed up to the August 2010 agreement, which included consecutive Prison Ombudsman; the Independent Assessment Team; the Church Leaders; Politicians and Trade Union Representatives along with Civil Society.
We have consistently warned of the malign influence of certain individuals in this jail with inextricable links to the DUP. Our protestations have fallen on deaf ears or have been overruled by darker forces. If those in power are genuine about moving forward to a conflict- free environment within this jail, they need to show that they are serious, for now this process is dead.


Republican Political Prisoners

Roe House.


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