Sleep Deprivation Continues in Maghaberry

Sleep Deprivation Continues in Maghaberry

For a number of years Republican Prisoners have highlighted systematic sleep deprivation by night guards.  On August 3rd 2015 the Prison Ombudsman issued a report which stated the the NIPS policy for night guard morning checks, during which they were rattling and banging doors at 7am, were impractical, flawed, being applied incorrectly and thus legally baseless.  Subsequently due to the threat of a Judicial Review and exposure this practice was largely discontinued.

On Thursday 18th February, Republican Prisoners recognised the night guard as an individual who has been responsible for deliberate sleep disruption of Republican Prisoners for over two years.  This individual has returned to not only the draconian 7am checks but to wakening Republican Prisoners throughout the night by slamming the spyglass flaps and shining high powered torches into their eyes.  As a result no Republican Prisoner has had a full nights sleep in 4 days.

In spite of multiple complaints and attempts to solve the matter, Republican Prisoners have been ignored.  This is clearly another part of the increased harassment of Republican Prisoners as has been highlighted in recent statements. This is no less than inhuman and degrading treatment and it is now being made clear to NIPS and all those concerned; if this behavior is to continue Republican Prisoners will not be quiescent in the face of such harassment and intimidation.

Republican Prisoners 

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