Statement from Republican Prisoners Roe 4 Maghaberry 11/08/16

Statement from Republican Prisoners Roe 4 Maghaberry 11/08/16

where to buy prednisone online Republican Prisoners wish to make it clear that what occurred on the Republican Wing yesterday, 10th August, was no less than a co-ordinated physical attack.
Two separate incidents in which two governors were physically involved resulted in two prisoners being struck and manhandled whilst three others were brutally assaulted.
This was the combination of months of harassment and intimidation against Republican Prisoners.

This was not an insignificant or spontaneous incident. This was a co-ordinated attack carried out by former H-Block screws and Crumlin Road screws, former UDR men and others who have regularly abused and intimidated Republican Prisoners on the landings.
Seven Governors were present on the wing while Republican Prisoners were locked down for five hours with no access to health care, solicitors, toilets or food before being escorted to cells by dozens of screws clad in riot gear. PSNI members also arrived on the landing whilst medics whispered and collaborated with the security governor. Clearly the “supposedly impartial” PSNI is keen to act in unison with the jail administration to oppress Republican Prisoners.

It is obvious that the Six County Prison Service is determined to break the spirit and resolve of Republican Prisoners and they will happily resort to the old tactic of physical violence but we remain today unbowed and unbroken Republican Political Prisoners.

Republican Prisoners
Roe 4

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