Statement from Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 26/02/15.

Statement from Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 26/02/15.

Further Fuelling of Conflict

Major structural changes to the Republican landings were heralded by the Jail Administration and Sue McAllister as being part of the stock-take and “that these structural improvements have been implemented to allow easier access for prisoners into their communal areas and they are intended to assist prisoner movement”.  In direct contradiction to Sue McAllister, however, David Ford in Stormont (3-2-15) continued to flog the dead horse of unsubstantiated imaginary threats, “NIPS will continue to pay the closest attention to Roe House and take action to protect staff.  A clear example of the action that has been taken is the physical changes on the landing that were introduced for this purpose.”

Conversely, on the 5-2-15 after reviewing the new structural changes, David Ford’s independent assessors, Peter Bunting and Conal McFeeley stated that the changes were “certainly not what was envisaged in the stock-take”.  In a recent visit to Roe House, Prisoner Ombudsman, director of operations, George Richardson concurred with this assessment stating “the changes appear devoid of all logic and don’t assist on prisoner movement in any sense”.

On 12-2-15 through a notice to prisoners, Republican Prisoners were informed that the above mentioned structural work had finished.  Despite this at 7.30 pm a further enclosing of our living space commenced with extensive steel sheeting and yet more bars and grills added to an already enclosed bird cage like structure, coupled with an obstacle course of doors, turnstiles, air locks and passage ways simply to access a canteen or exercise yard.

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