Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 09/01/15

Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 09/01/15

New Barriers to Progress.

Republican Political Prisoners have recently been made aware that the Jail Administration has plans to make structural changes to our landing space.  This will incorporate the joining of multiple access and entry points for classrooms and kitchens etc into single access and entry points.  The Jail Administration will undoubtedly try to paint this move as progress.  We wish to make it clear that these planned structures will not progressively alleviate the overly restrictive regime currently operating in Republican Roe House. This is both a divisory tactic and an affront to all those working for a resolution.  The planned changes are not in keeping with the August 2010 Agreement, they will further restrict our living space and they come at a time when we are facing increased regression from the POA and their political allies in the DUP.

The August 2010 Agreement stipulated that there would be a phased end to controlled movement, not a relaxation.  Nothing short of an ending to controlled movement will see that section of the August 2010 Agreement fulfilled. The Stock Take which was taken as a means to re-engage the implementation of the August 2010 Agreement has been manipulated by political backward men and is therefore redundant.

The movement of Republican Political Prisoners has been further impeded since the Stock Take. We have continuously been locked down as a result of issues in parts of the Jail unconnected to us.  The ratio of staff to prisoners has been obstinately enforced as demanded by the POA and the PGA and has also been further constrained, with one prisoner being refused access to the landings unless under the watch of four staff.  Likewise, the planned structural changes to the landings will only serve to further restrict space and additionally heighten tensions.

These planned changes are simply a means of subverting progress and will only serve to fuel conflict. Anything short of the resolution of the three main issues: Isolation, Controlled Movement and Forced Strip-searching, will only fester further an already open wound. The erection of such structures is a continuation of the Jail Administrations policy of subterfuge and deceit.  Such actions are a clear statement of the Jail Administrations intent to seek conflict and stubbornly resist a common sense approach.

Republican Political Prisoners

Roe House


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