Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 17/01/15

Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 17/01/15

Entrenching Conflict Following the DUP sponsored disruption of the Stocktake the emboldened attitude of the Jail Administration has been obvious.  Having disregarded the August 2010 Agreement the Administration is content to simply tinker at the edges of its failed Controlled Movement Policy.

There is no doubt that the physical entrenchment of controlled movement is being presided over by an enthusiastic NIPS hierarchy.  The No 1 Governor, Alan Longwell and his underling Governor, Malcolm Swarbrick are both personally overseeing construction work in Republican Roe House.

Like other failed Jail Administration actions before, this latest is characterised by an absence of dialogue and added belligerence from the Administration.  On the morning of work commencing notices to prisoners were slid under cell doors minutes before informing RPP’s that structured work was to be commencing on Roe 4 followed by Roe 3.  This was followed by a barrage of verbal abuse and banging on cell doors along with torch lights shone into cells.

When cell doors were opened they revealed a heavily guarded construction site caged by metal bars and sheeted steel.  All areas were sealed of except for a narrow passage leading to our canteen and yard patrolled by aggressive screws.

Governor Malcolm Swarbrick has been keen to use recent construction work as a means to provoke conflict.  When asked by RPP’s why he was causing the most recent disruption his response was “you have been issuing threats “. It was pointed out to Swarbrick that RPP’s had not threatened anyone Swarbrick then stated that the threats were from outside the Jail.

Clearly Swarbrick and indeed the wider Jail Administration are intent upon attempting to hold RPP’s as hostages against present and future actions outside the Jail.  Later that same day Swarbrick activated an alarm and ordered a dozen riot squad onto Roe 4 who then isolated a RPP from his comrades without cause or reason for 24 hours.

From his arrival Swarbrick has adopted the posture of a British colonial administrator dealing with unruly natives.  His 23 years experience with the prison establishment in Britain is no substitute for dealing with political prisoners.  Hence he should return to where he came from and take his racist, imperialist policies with him.

His efforts to break the collective resistance of RPP’s is being encouraged and supported by long-time POA stalwart and arch bigot Governor Brian Armour who continues to hold a controlling influence within the Jail Administration.  None of these individuals have any constructive role to play in Republican Roe House.  Their continued presence only fuels continued tensions and conflict.

Republican Political Prisoners

Roe House


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