Street Theatre brings new dimension to protests 28/3/15

Street Theatre brings new dimension to protests 28/3/15 Today, in the Andersonstown area of Belfast, the IRPWA held a whiteline picket to highlight the plight of Republican Political Prisoners. The picket was accompanied by an information stall and a piece of ‘street theatre’ depicting controlled movement.

A spokesperson for the IRPWA in Belfast stated: “The IRPWA in Belfast are planning a number of these events for locations across the city in the weeks ahead. This is part of our effort to bring issues relating to the Prison Struggle into the heart of Republican Communities in Belfast, and increase public awareness and support for Republican Political Prisoners.


Also in Derry the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association held a peaceful protest to highlight the continued brutality of Republican Prisoners currently incarcerated in Maghaberry/Hydebank gaols.

Commenting on today’s event a spokesperson for Derry IRPWA stated: “Today we stood shoulder to shoulder with Republican POWs close to the home of British Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to demonstrate the disgust of all genuine Republicans across the City of Derry at the continued deafening silence of Sinn Fein British Ministers in Stormont who facilitate in the Internment of Republican activists across the occupied six counties; and the brutal and degrading conditions they are forced to endure…We wish to stress that we can not and should not be expected to stand idly by while our prisoners wake up each morning to face such draconian measures. These protests will continue until those in power take all necessary steps to resolve the issues currently affecting Republican Political Prisoners today.”



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