Supporters of Republican Political Prisoners haven’t gone away, you know!

Supporters of Republican Political Prisoners haven’t gone away, you know!


Immediately upon learning of the assaults against Republican Political Prisoners in Maghaberry, IRPWA activists and supporters took to the streets. Initially, and within hours, several hundred people marched on Maghaberry Prison. At the gates of Maghaberry gaol IRPWA activists Mandy Duffy and Dee Fennell spoke to those who had travelled to show solidarity with their besieged friends, comrades and family members. In response, the voices of those who had gathered along with the voices of Republican Prisoners themselves could be heard reverberating within the walls of Maghaberry.

Over the course of the next few days, IRPWA representatives clearly and articulately presented the facts to main stream and social media. Upon presenting these facts to the public, we then witnessed the cover up by those who have a vested interest in preventing the truth about what has been taking place within Maghaberry from surfacing. One by one the agencies and apparatus of the British state and its administration in Stormont , issued statements of denial; in the guise of so called ‘Justice’ minister David Ford, NIPS Director General Sue McAllister, and the DUP’s Paul Given along with prominent Loyalist figures, all backed up by a pro British media. What has also not gone unnoticed by Republican communities is the silence of certain Nationalist and so called Republican politicians, namely the SDLP and Sinn Féin, in relation to the serious events which took place in Maghaberry gaol.

As further reports of assaults and human rights abuses streamed out from Maghaberry prison, IRPWA activists and supporters set about raising awareness among our communities by organising protests and pickets throughout the country. Continued communication with legal advocates has resulted in a number of legal challenges being put before the courts. In a coordinated response Republican Political Prisoners in Portlaoise gaol embarked upon a solidarity protest to highlight the plight of their imprisoned comrades in Maghaberry.

The issues which give rise to conflict within Maghaberry gaol have been well documented by Republican Political Prisoners and by various independent bodies. The IRPWA will play its part by continuing to highlight those issues and by sending out the message that supporters of Republican Political Prisoners haven’t gone away, you know!

IRPWA representative Mandy Duffy interviewed in relation to recent events in Maghaberry.

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