The Best Form Of Defence…

The Best Form Of Defence…

John O’Dowd’s recent spiel regarding ‘War Junkies’ (Lurgan Mail 23rd July 2015), a label which he applied to MI5 and Republicans turned by them, is nothing new; it has been part and parcel of Sinn Féin’s divisory  rhetoric for some time.  Only a fool would believe that an organisation such as MI5 would not seek to infiltrate all forms of militant and political opposition, just as they always have done.  It is of course much easier to label and slander those opposed to you than to deal with the criticisms of Sinn Féin’s current reformist, partitionist position.

It is striking that John O’Dowd has expressed concern over MI5’s alleged involvement with Republicans thus failing to address the involvement and continuing role of MI5 within his own party.  Over past decades and indeed centuries Republicanism has been subjected to infiltration by agents, spies and informers.  Many such individuals acted with impunity to carry out executions of its own members and other armed actions, all facilitated by the British Sate.  Even post GFA agents and informers have been exposed within the ranks of both the Sinn Féin leadership and the Provisional IRA.  These included senior figures such as Freddie Scappaticci and Denis Donaldson, who held a key role during Sinn Féin’s strategy formulation.  A couple of community policemen were hardly directing the activities of Donaldson.  Therefore, it would seem reasonable to assume that such people, including those who were not decommissioned, helped steer the Sinn Féin ship onto the rocks were it now comfortably rests.

Unless O’Dowd is naive enough to believe that these agents who thrived within the ranks of Sinn Féin for decades, at all levels, particularly at leadership where all caught or simply discontinued their role, then it must be presumed that these agents are still actively being directed by their masters.

Of course the covert relationship between Sinn Féin and the British Intelligence apparatus is not the full extent of the Sinn Féin/MI5 relationship.  Whilst John O’Dowd professes concern regarding MI5 it must be remembered that Sinn Féin was party to the St Andrews agreement which accorded responsibility for matters of National Security to the ‘War Junkies’ of MI5.

Consequently, MI5’s pervasive influence on policing, courts and the prisons, where the provocative isolation of Republican Political Prisoners continues a pace, is thanks in no small part to O’Dowd and the rest of the Sinn Féin leadership.  John O’Dowd needs to ask himself who is really facilitating the MI5 War Junkies.

Republican Political Prisoners

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