Timeline of events leading up to and following the assault on Republican Political Prisoners

Timeline of events leading up to and following the assault on Republican Political Prisoners

UPDATE: 10.21 AM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

navigate pulmicort cost Roe House remains in turmoil today with reports to IRPWA that an unprecedented number of prison officers were drafted on to the wings yesterday. These screws are hell bent on creating conflict and began by verbally abusing Republican Prisoners; shouting vile degrading comments to individual prisoners about their wives and family members until eventually they began their predicted violence against RPPs.

indomethacin uk standardize IRPWA have been informed that a number of RPPs have sustained injuries after being assaulted; one Roe 4 prisoner was isolated and forced into a cell where he was viciously assaulted. The presence of these well known notorious bully boy screws on Roe indicates to IRPWA that the Maghaberry Administration are once again demonstrating that they have no desire for a conflict free environment but are instead intent on creating conflict and indeed encouraging violence to be used against Republican Political Prisoners in Roe House.

UPDATE: 10.32 AM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

set up nizral cream price IRPWA have just had another phone call from the Gaol stating that the Riot Squad have descended onto Roe and are currently beating Republican Prisoners and trailing them of the landings. The IRPWA representative could hear the violence being inflicted on RPPS in the background and it was sickening and horrific.

UPDATE: 11.32 AM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

Republican Political Prisoners, Roe House, have asked that we change our planned protest to MAGHABERRY GAOL. The IRPWA are happy to accommodate the Prisoners so the planned protest in Belfast is now cancelled and instead we will be holding a protest at Maghaberry Gaol tonight at 7.00 pm. We are calling for everyone to make the effort to attend and show Maghaberry that we will not stand idly by while Republican Political prisoners are beaten in Maghaberry. Let us all answer the call of the Republican Prisoners and show them our support by being at the gates of Maghaberry tonight

UPDATE: 12.09 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

Belfast Roe 4 prisoner Martin Kelly has a suspected broken arm after a severe beating by the Riot Squad and is currently lying in a cell in agony and has not received medical treatment. Prisoners who have been locked down in various areas of the Gaol have been told to return to their cells but are refusing to put themselves behind cell doors and indeed will be refusing any contact with screws which will result in food not being delivered at meal times today. Show your support by being at the Maghaberry Gaol tonight at 7.00 pm.

UPDATE: 12.47 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

It has just been confirmed to IRPWA that Martin Kelly has indeed a broken arm and severe trauma injuries to his face and lacerations on his body after his beating this morning by the Riot Squad in Maghaberry. After his beating Martin collapsed and was trailed into his cell where he was left for an hour and half before he was seen by a nurse who gave him paracetamol. Martin is still lying alone in his cell with no indication of when he is being transported to hospital for treatment. When they eventually get round to bringing Martin to hospital he will be forcibly strip searched despite his appalling injuries. Show your support for Martin and his family and the RPPs by being at the Gaol tonight at 7.00pm.

UPDATE: 13.00 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

Republican Political Prisoners are currently locked down in all different areas of Roe house since early morning. We have men locked down in the showers, the yard, the kitchen, the classroom etc some have no access to toilets and no prisoner has received meals today.

UPDATE: 14.26 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015


UPDATE: 14.50 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

RPP Martin Kelly has just been brought out of his cell to see the doctor and this is the first time his comrades have seen him since he received the beating at the hands of the Riot Squad. RPPs have told IRPWA that he is in a shocking bad way and his face is badly beaten and bleeding profusely. Martin told his comrades that the Riot Squad danced on his head

UPDATE: 15.20 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015


UPDATE: 15.33 – MONDAY 02/02/2015

RPP Martin Kelly has been returned to the wing and has received 5 temporary paper stitches to a wound on his cheek which the doctor has confirmed was inflicted by the heel of a boot. Martin is awaiting transport to hospital to have his broken arm set in plaster and have the temporary stitches replaced. He is in good spirits despite his injuries and expressed gratitude to the Republican Community when the RPPs informed him that a protest had been organised tonight at the Gaol in response to the Riot Squad acting with impunity today on Roe.

UPDATE: 15.54 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

Finlay Spratt would need to check his facts before he gives statements to the media especially given that a doctor has confirmed that Martin Kelly’s injuries to his cheek were inflicted by the heel of a Riot Squad member’s boot.


UPDATE: 16.38 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

A RPP who was assaulted last night by screws on the wing has been in severe pain since last night and has been refused medical attention due to the ongoing situation. This mans condition has deteriorated throughout the day and IRPWA have been informed that he is now passing a serious amount of blood in his urine and is still being refused medical attention. Martin Kelly has now left the wing to be transported to hospital and will face a brutal forced strip search while already in excruciating pain from his injuries at the hands of the Riot Squad. IRPWA have been overwhelmed by the support which has been shown for Maghaberry RPPs today and in turn so have the Republican Prisoners when we relay back to them the mood of the Republican Community. With this in mind it is important that every effort is made to attend this protest at the Gaol tonight.

UPDATE: 19.00 PM – 20.00 PM – MONDAY 02/02/2015

What a fantastic turnout tonight at the protest at Maghaberry. The response from Republicans was amazing and given the short notice the IRPWA never dreamed we would get as many people as we did at them gates in support of Republican Prisoners tonight. Well done to each and every one of you. We certainly made our presence felt tonight.

UPDATE: 9.00 AM – TUESDAY 03/02/2015

More hardship for RPPs’ families desperate to see their loved ones after the Riot Squad assaults.


UPDATE: 10.00 AM – TUESDAY 03/02/2015

The media seem to be focusing on the fact that during last nights protest at Maghaberry a prison officer was unable to get into Maghaberry Gaol when he drove into the crowd of protesters. Republicans on the ground took control of the situation and cleared the road so this man was able to reverse back out of the crowd unharmed which is more than can be said about his work colleagues who refused to open the gates despite this man pleading with them on the phone to come to his aid. We can hardly expect them to show Republican Prisoners any decency when this is how they treat one of their own.

UPDATE: 12.00 – 1.00 PM – TUESDAY 03/02/2015

IRPWA representative Mandy Duffy interviewed in relation to recent events in Maghaberry.

Click on the player below to listen to the interview radio


UPDATE: 4.00 PM – TUESDAY 03/02/2015

IRPWA have received no information from the gaol today so we have drawn the conclusion that Republican Political Prisoners are locked down behind cell doors. Solicitors have been denied access to RPPs due to the “Security Alert” but interestingly they have been denied Video Link access which would not be prevented by any “Security Alert”. The IRPWA are asking that the Republican Community follow closely the events in Maghaberry and are confident that if need be we will have the same support shown last night at any future protests we may be forced to call.

UPDATE: 7.00 PM – TUESDAY 03/02/2015

The Latest update regarding the situation in Maghaberry has been relayed to the IRPWA via a solicitor who has been refused any access to his client RPP Martin Kelly; he reports to the IRPWA that Republican Political Prisoners have been put on Rule 7 which basically means they are on complete lockdown in their cells. When he put in a request that Martin Kelly be allowed to make a phone call to his wife he was told that this would not be possible due to the lockdown in place. A legal challenge will be made tomorrow on behalf of Martin Kelly but this is severely hampered by the refusal by Maghaberry to allow Martin a legal visit.

UPDATE: 10.10 AM – WEDNESDAY 04/02/2015

Republican Political Prisoners have been told that visits will be as normal today and legal visits are taking place this morning. The RPPs send their thanks to everyone in attendance on Monday night’s protest at the Gaol; they were blown away by the brilliant response and heard us loud and clear. They said it gave them an almighty boost to know we had mobilised in our hundreds in support of them. They also state that our protest had a demoralising effect on the screws and Riot Squad who were visibly shaken by our large presence outside the gaol.

UPDATE: 11.04 AM – WEDNESDAY 05/02/2015

During the earlier phone call the RPP also told IRPWA that when the Riot Squad descended onto the wing on Monday morning an SO tried to intervene stating that their was no need for the Riot Squad as the prisoners were not creating any disturbance but he was flung aside by the Riot Squad and they began beating into RPPs. The SO later said to a RPP “did you see me trying to stop that and them bastards just threw me out of the way” further proof that the Riot Squad are a law onto themselves and are acting with impunity.

UPDATE: 16.00 PM – WEDNESDAY 05/02/2015

Solidarity Statement released from IRPWA Prisoners Portlaoise.


UPDATE: 20.15 PM – WEDNESDAY 05/02/2015

Portlaoise Republican Political Prisoners are refusing to acknowledge lock up tonight in solidarity with their comrades in Maghaberry.


UPDATE: 22.30 PM – WEDNESDAY 05/02/2015

IRPWA have been made aware that claims have been made of an incident in Portlaoise prison whereby a number of prisoners have been injured. We have absolutely no information concerning this incident but are currently trying to find out if this incident involves Republican Prisoners.

UPDATE: 22.40 PM – WEDNESDAY 05/02/2015

IRPWA can confirm that the “incident” in Portlaoise did not involve Republican Prisoners and no Republican Prisoner was injured during tonight’s Solidarity Protest.

UPDATE: 11.50 AM – THURSDAY 05/02/2015

Despite Republican Political Prisoners being informed by staff in Maghaberry that legal visits would be taking place yesterday the IRPWA were contacted by a solicitor to inform us that he was denied any legal visits with his clients from Roe House. This solicitor spent two hours waiting on clients, including Martin Kelly, to be transported from the Republican Landings before being told that all his clients had refused to take legal visits. The IRPWA were then contacted by a Republican Political Prisoner who confirmed to us that no Republican Prisoner refused to take a legal visit and the truth was that when the RPPs were taken of the wing for their legal visit they were held on the bus for an hour and half before being returned to Roe House. This is the second day that RPPs have been refused Legal Consultations. As a result of this denial an Emergency Judicial Review (JR) was taken in the High Court yesterday afternoon and will be ruled on today.

The IRPWA can also confirm that Martin Kelly has still not been transferred to hospital for proper medical attention despite being told by a doctor in Maghaberry that the suspected fluid causing swelling around his neck and head could well be blood from an undiagnosed injury.

Yesterday morning a delegation of Republican Political Prisoners met with the Prison Ombudsman, Tom McGonigle and gave him an in-depth update on what has taken place on Roe House in the last number of days. Martin Kelly was a member of that delegation and when seeing Martin’s injuries first hand, Tom McGonigle was visibly shocked and took a complete list of Martin’s injuries. Tom McGonigle was unavailable all day yesterday to speak to a journalist about the injuries he witnessed first-hand.

Given the clear attempts to cover up the truth, by David Ford, Finlay Spratt of the POA and Sue McAllister of the Prison Service Head Quarters, along with the silent complicity of Stormont politicians, the IRPWA call directly on the Prisoner Ombudsman to reveal to the families of Republican Prisoners the exact nature of the injuries inflicted upon their loved ones and the details of what exactly took place over this last number of days.

UPDATE: 13.00 PM – THURSDAY 05/02/2015

IRPWA would encourage Family members who have yet to see their loved ones in Maghaberry to phone the Prison Ombudsman Tom McGonigle as he is currently the only person outside Maghaberry to witness the injuries first hand… 028 9052 7771.

UPDATE: 13.15 PM – THURSDAY 05/02/2015

The IRPWA issue a response to Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris’ statement.


UPDATE: 18.30 PM – THURSDAY 05/02/2015

An IRPWA representative was down today on a visit to Maghaberry and witnessed first hand Martin Kelly’s injuries. The representative confirms that Martin’s arm is strapped up, he has severe facial injuries including a large gash on his cheek (which has no chance of healing as the temporary paper stitches have slipped off the wound) and significant swelling around his head and neck and still Maghaberry refuse to transport Martin to an outside hospital for proper medical attention. The Republican Political Prisoners told the IRPWA representative that tensions remain high on the wing and the situation has certainly not been resolved.

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